Bruno stair chair lift repair


Besides, the lift mechanism involved in the stair lift is subject to friction.  Friction means that, eventually, the parts will deteriorate due to heavy wear and tear.  Thus, maintenance is needed, along with inspections every six months. Every half-year, a knowledgeable and licensed engineer should analyze the condition and test the functions of the stair lift.  This means that you do need a guarantee after all.


The service and maintenance of a stair lift must be carried out only by a fully trained lift engineer.  Not all engineers are familiar with the way the lift mechanism works and you may just put the user of the lift in jeopardy if you had the stair lift fixed by someone who is not experienced and qualified. Related to this, check the people who provide repair and maintenance service in the company’s twenty-four-hour emergency call-out facility. They should be engineers and not mere technicians.  You do not want to put the life of your loved one on incapable hands.


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